Why Etsy does not allow you to sell to your full potential

Etsy wants to defend craftsmen and creators by offering them a sales page on their site at low cost. However, you lose 40% (or more) of your potential online sales by selling only on this marketplace.

We explain why in this article.

And there is a giant thanks to the work of the little ones

Etsy and adwords

Etsy, a New York company listed on the NASDAQ, is a marketplace where artisans and merchants from around the world register to sell their products, often “handmade”.

How much does it cost to be on Etsy?

The use of the marketplace by a user will cost him $0.20 USD / item every 4 months to display his products on his Etsy page.

For each sale, Etsy will commission 5% plus 3% (for USA and Canada) or 4% and $0.25 CAD in transaction fees for their Etsy Payment service.

For a turnover of 2500$ / month, the use of Etsy (with a simple sales page) will cost you 256$ (registration fees, percentage on sale, etc.).

Why doesn’t Etsy allow you to sell as much as you should?

With Etsy, you have a small place in a huge market with millions of merchants. This implies many disadvantages to grow and prosper your business.

You will NEVER be referenced on Google

According to a recent survey by the very good survey agency Wolfgang, in 2018, 43% of e-commerce site traffic came from Google. And 38% of their income came from the famous search engine.

Unfortunately, you can forget about 38% of your potential sales with Etsy. The SEO of its “shop pages” is not optimized at all.

You will always be in competition with other craftsmen

Due to the fact that your “shop page” will never be referenced, Internet users searching on Etsy or having found the targeted product category via Google will face a list of products from ten artisans like you.

This is where you have to be able to stand out from very strong competition.

In addition, for the most competitive searches and categories, the first line (and every other line) will be paid ads paid for by other merchants.

Etsy as a means of communication

As we explained in this article, selling online on Etsy is putting a cross on 40% of online shoppers with high selling costs.

If you only sell with a Facebook store or Instagram posts we would tell you the same thing: You are not selling to your full potential!

We will always advise you to be active on social networks, to build loyalty and increase your visibility. Even if the majority of your sales go through Google, creating a community that speaks well of your company on the web is essential in 2019.

It’s the same on Etsy, it’s a good means of communication that brings you advantages that are always good to take especially when launching an online store.

  • To be known by local craftsmen
  • Create partnerships with other craftspeople
  • Supporting yourself on social networks
  • Reach buyers looking only through Etsy

But these advantages are sales aids and do not open your business to all online shoppers as you can do with your own online store!

What can we conclude from this?

It is much easier to make Internet users like a beautiful picture of a product on Instagram than to make them germinate in their minds the desire to buy this product.

If you are an Etsy merchant, consider adding a professional online store to your assets that you can promote via Adwords. Specialized companies such as Instaon will be able to advise you on how to set up your first Adwords campaign. Don’t miss out on your real sales potential anymore, by playing in Google’s big yard and reach all its new online buyers.